Petits Fours

A petit four is a small cake generally eaten at the en of a meal or served as part of a large buffet. The name petit four is French name for oven. The type of petit four that I made is the petit four glacé, (glacé meaning "iced") referring to petits fours that have been iced or decorated in some way, such as tiny cakes covered in fondant or frosting.

The fondant I used to make these petits fours is made with marshmallow. This rolled marshmallow fondant is particular suitable for covering cake. It was very easy to tint the fondant as I need it, all I did was drop one drop of food colouring onto the fondant and knead for a few seconds.

Source: Joy of Baking, History

Can't get enough photos of these... should I eat them??


Behind the scene ^_*

I scaled down the recipe made enough fondant for 1 x 9" cake. Used quarter of if for these petits fours, maybe will make a small cake with the leftover... otherwise, what should I do with it? I like to make but I DO NOT like to eat. Of course I tasted it to make sure it is okay to eat.


After dinner Tak looked at those petits fours... he wanted to eat but it was too pretty to eat. He took one then put it back. Finally he picked the gift and took one bite... mmm... nice!

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3 comments to “Petits Fours”
helli said...

cute ;-)

Lydia Teh said...

visisted ur photopage, you took nice photos...

Precious Moments said...

Hi Lydia, can you share this rolled mashmallow fondant. I can't access it. You can sent it to my email at


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