Eat! Osaka!

Pink Sakura

Came back from Kyoto last night, been away from My Kitchen for more than a week. We were in Osaka for two days before going to Kyoto. Shopping, sightseeing and eating there. Simply walking on the streets was new experience for me.


Tonkotsu ramen and gyoza in a small ramen restaurant. Was planning to go to a counter type restaurant but it was closed during lunch time. Sorry that I did not take note of the address and shop name. It is located somewhere near Sheraton Miyako Hotel. The broth was good, but was a bit too salty for me. I thought the egg was hard-boiled, surprised to see the yolk flowed out slowly. Gyoza was good too, the skin was very thin and crispy.

Set Meal

Set meal at a Japanese restaurant at Sheraton Miyako Hotel, Osaka. There were seven types of appetisers served in a beautiful wooden tiffin, followed by a hotpot and rice. Lunch was concluded with yummy desserts - strawberry jelly and sakura mochi. The mochi was a pink colour sakura flavour sticky rice ball with red bean filling. I loved their food presentation very much, very pleasing to eyes.

Comments :

Nari said...

Very beautiful presentation, Im really excited fro my trip to Japan now. :)

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