Eat! Kyoto! - Part I

Let me start this post with breakfast. We stayed at ryokan - traditional Japanese hotel in Kyoto for few days, breakfast was included and it was served in the room. It was relaxing to have breakfast in pajamas, but we had to wake up early as the breakfast will be served between 7am to 8.30am. The housekeeper will knock at the door half an hour prior to the chosen breakfast time to store away futon (traditional Japanese bedding).

Poached Egg

Dishes served were almost the same each day. There were eight small dishes and fruit in the box plus miso soup, tofu hotpot, egg dish, pickled vegetable, salad and rice at the side. We were told that most of the dishes were prepared with local vegetables and products. The poached egg was beautifully done as in its shape and a slit on the egg white revealing the yolk.

Ginger Ship Cookie

When we back to our room in the afternoon, we found this ginger flavour ship cookies on the table.

* * *

Pufferfish Set Dinner

Pufferfish!! Yes, we had pufferfish (fugu) set meal for dinner as requested by T's colleague. Without him, I would never thought of trying it. There were five of us, and all of us except T tasted the pufferfish for the first time. We ordered both BBQ and steamboat set meal. Set meal comes with appetiser - boiled fish roe, salad made with pufferfish skin, sashimi, BBQ/steamboat, rice/porridge, and fruit.

Personally, I did not like pufferfish sashimi that much because of its texture. It was very chewy if compared to salmon or tuna sashimi, I put them in the steamboat instead. The fish had firm texture, it tasted like crocodile meat I had in Australia. After having the steamboat, steamed rice and lightly beaten egg were added into the soup to make porridge. The porrige tasted so good when eaten with ponzu (citrus-based soy sauce). As for the BBQ set, steamed rice mixed with tinny pieces of pufferfish cooked in sauce was served.

This pufferfish restaurant is located in the heart of city and it claimed to have the biggest pufferfish fish tank in Kyoto. If you are interested to visit there, I think T will be able to provide you with address.

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8 comments to “Eat! Kyoto! - Part I”
vincent said...


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tigerfish said...

Enjoy your holiday. :D

昕倩 said...

o..what a wonderful holidays

and I luv Japanness food too..


I vote Kyoto for Japan trip!

dilla said...

hi sis lydia,

i've tried some of your recipes n it turn out awesome!

I would really like to try 'Si Chuan Style Sour And Spicy Soup' but no recipe was provided(I think coz I dah cari..).Can you please email me the recipe?

tq for your time sis lydia..=) mwahx!

Catherine said...

Looks yummy. ;-) From,

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia. Greetings from New Zealand.Love your blogs, beautiful photography & tempting recipes.
I will be going to Japan,visiting Tokyo,Yokohama,Kyoto & Osaka. Appreciate if you could give me some guidance re food(dining) and buying crockery and kitchenware.
Many thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and recipes.


Lydia said...

Hi EM,

Greeting from Kyoto, it is now sakura time here!

First of all, I always recommended Nara Park to my friends. If you are visiting Osaka, Nara Park is not far from the Osaka city. It is so beautiful in Spring and Autumn.

Well, for food in Osaka and Kyoto, there are many small restaurants and family restaurants (we called it family resu, kids friendly and usually with free flow of drinks).
Eg: Big boy, Coco's, Kagonoya, Sato,etc... too many to name. For Japanese food, Kagonoya is pretty with reasonable price.

There are also a lot of small restaurants in the narrow streets, usually for drinkers. You can just drop in to have a drink with a small dish, then move to another restaurant.

Douguyasuji (道具屋筋) in Osaka is a must visit place if you are looking for kitchen stuff. It is a shopping street selling everything for cooking and baking.

Too many thing to mention here. Last but not least, remember to visit convenient stores (we called it conbini), supermarkets and 100yen shops. Enjoy your trip... not to forget onsen!

p/s: Just found your comment in the spam box. Sorry for that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia. A BELATED thank you for your relpy & advice which remind me so much about the many helpful & courteous Japanese we met during our visit to the wonderful Japan( our second ,last in 2008). My husband & I greatly enjoyed our time in Japan.Had just recovered from a bad flu & hence the delay in thanking you for taking the time to read ,reply despite your busy life as a young busy mum & food blogger/author. Hope to meet you and family some time in the future, may be in Penang(my hometown), NZ or Japan.一謝謝. Rgds Em

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