Durian Festival in Penang [Never get enough!]


Durian and Fruit Festival
1 - 30 June 2010
11am - 6pm daily
Anjung Indah, Balik Pulau

We went to the Durian and Fruit festival last Saturday as planned. Arrived at Anjung Indah around 1pm, it was not many people there then. After taking some snaps and relaxing with great view, we had durian at the table provided by stall. Some people had durian under the trees with the sea view, but with little boys around we could not do that. When we were about to leave, many people there and the car park was full.

There were many types of durian to choose from, either 3 for RM10 or 3 for RM50 all up to you! I know very little about durian, so asked seller to get us a creamy and not-so-bitter type. RM18 for the durian, just nice for two and it was very good. Other than durian, there were also local fruits available such as buah salak (snake fruit) and rambutan. I tasted buah salak for the first time in my life, kinda sweet and sour taste.

Durian and Fruit Festival 2010

The rambutan was very fresh as you can see, and it was selling at RM8 per bunch. Loose ones were selling at 3kgs for RM10. Actually there were many durian stalls along the road in Balik Pulau. After we left Anjung Indah, we drove around and found many durian stalls. I think it is not necessary go to to festival site, just drive around (from Relau to Balik Pulau direction) and stop at any stall for a feast.


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7 comments to “Durian Festival in Penang [Never get enough!]”
Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

I went to a Durian farm in Penang middle of last month - one month too early. Luckily the farm owner was kind enough to share one with us. That first photo has me salivating!

Su-yin said...

Oh my goodness, you're really making me crave for durians and rambutans!

AngieYHL said...

Lydia, we are durian fans . it is hard to get very quality durian in auckland. and yet your post never get enough made me MAD. - BTW, when can i recieve the recipe of crispy apam. - angieyeowhl@hotmail.com -Many thanksssssss

Sarah said...

Looking at your older blog, I thought only my family eat durian with pulut. I think it's borrowed from the Malays. To me durian is most satisfying with steamed pulut. Yum.

ijayuji said...

Hi lydia! i dah buat chiffon durian tu sini susah nak dapatkan durian yg dah lembik mcm tu sbb org2 siam makan keras2! Actually my chiffom mendap but lembuttt mcm chiffon tau! hihihi... seriously ni tau, sedap! i akn buat 2nd trial sampai jadik ;-) i cnp ur recipe tau, thanks!

Liz said...

Oh the durian looks amazing! Durian in the states don't look as fresh as that :(

Eng Soo Kee said...

Oh! only two days left!I must go to have its.

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