Osechi Ryori [Happy New Year 2011!]

Omedetou! Happy new year 2011 to everyone and best wishes from Fujikawa family. In fact, this is the first year we celebrated new year Japanese way with some traditional new year dishes (osechi-ryori). Celebrations are always associated with food, glorious food.

The celebration started off with a take-away osechi box from restaurant on the new year eve. We enjoyed it while watching Japanese new year singing program live on Astro. Around 11.30pm I prepared soba, simple one since we were so full after osechi. It is a tradition to eat soba on the new year eve, to welcome new year and it symbolizes long life.
There were 18 items in the osechi box including two sweets - baby yam with chicken stew, egg-cake (cake made with hard-boiled eggs), mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts, pickles, sweet black beans (must have item for osechi), prawn, grilled cod fillet, fish roes, konbu stews, fish cakes, etc.
J's favourite were the swiss-roll shape tamago yaki and fish cake.
J (34mths) helped me with the light reflector (card board) when I was shooting osechi photos, not bad ya.

Soba - symbolizes long life.

Zouni (雑煮) is a Japanese soup cooked with kakumochi (aka kirimochi), it is one of the osechi-ryori dishes and served on the first day of new year.
Baked some kidney bean muffins for our guests on 1 Jan, red bean is always associated with celebration.

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3 comments to “Osechi Ryori [Happy New Year 2011!]”
sweet&spicy said...

happy new year to u n to ur family, the food absolutely fantastic :)

Ardentgailla said...

Happy New Year! Everything looks so delicious! Maybe next year, I'll come to your house ;)

Su Ling said...

Which Japanese restaurant did you buy the Osechi-ryouri from? I've been looking for an authentic spread.

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