Siew Mai with Salmon Roe

Tonight's menu is siew mai (烧卖)topped with salmon roe. My another adventure dish, added diced pressed mustard (榨菜) in the siew mai and salmon roe on top. Usually the salmon roe is added after the siew mai is steamed. I guess it looks better with raw salmon roe of its bright orange colour. The taste of the steamed roe is similar to the raw one but the texture is different. Raw roe went "pop" in the mouth but steamed roe bounced between the teeth! The pressed mastard added a distingtive texture and flavour to the siew mai. I just love it!

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3 comments to “Siew Mai with Salmon Roe”
yani said...

skyblue... your resepi tuna puff tu keluar kat paper utusan malaysia .. kalau nak tengok keratan paper tu klik kat

skyblue said...

ooi... siapa yang hantarkan resipi tu kat newspaper?

yani said...

I pun tak tau lah siapa yang hantarkan resepi itu kat paper tu.
Dia org tak tulis lak tu sumber daripada mana gambar dan resepi tu.

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