Malaysian Satay

I have been thinking of making satay these few days. There are so many satay recipes available online. I was looking for Malaysian satay recipes written in Malay... with the preception that those written in Malay will be more "original" I am not sure if my perception is correct. Finally I got a recipe looks pretty good and it comes with photo.

I went to "Chinatown" at my area looking for ingredients for making satay this afternoon. When looking at the price of each individual items... started wondering if I should get an instant satay mix instead? At the end I bought a packet of Satay Powder. Waste of time searching for recipe???

I boned 2 drumsticks and cut them into cubes, marinated with satay powder, sugar and chopped lemon grass for 2 hours. I also made some peanut sauce from the scracth, to goes with satay. First, got to cook some sambal belacan, then roast some peanuts for making the sauce. The satay tasted ok to me without the peanut sauce, but it was really nice with the peanut sauce. *_^

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Lydia said...

Too bad... all gone. Left only a bit of peanut sauce...

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