Pinto Bean?

Pinto Bean?

Submitted this photo for DMBLGIT June 2008, the gallery is available here.

Have I got its name right? Bought some this morning, planning to cook chicken soup with it and lotus root. I love this soup very much used to cook it quite often when living in SG. I am a bean person, love all kind of beans including Mr Bean!

Recently, I have started to explore more on those vegetables that I seldom or had never cooked before. In the past, I tend to buy or cook vegetables that I am familiar with as a result only a few types of "boring" vegetables appeared on my dining table. So far I have tried ferns and another two or three type vegetables which I could not name them.

Note (updated on 2 June 08):
It should be borlotti bean, finally got its name right. Thanks Jonzie.

Comments :

9 comments to “Pinto Bean?”
Jonzie said...

Are they not Borlotti?

Nabeela said...

They look like Cranberry beans to me

mycookinghut said...

Very nice picture!

Cik Siti Wan Kembang said...

rindu ler kat you sky. susah nak nampak you online. moga siah2 .

Lydia said...

jonzie: I've just perfom a search for borlotti... it's borlotti!! :D will update my post.

nabeela: i haven't seen a cranberry bean before, i guess it looks like borlotti?

mycookinghut: thanks!

cik siti: sibuk sikit kebelakangan ni... klu online sama2 chat ya..

veronica said...

my mum used to make soup from these beans and pork ribs all the time. they were sooo good just with some salt! i think the italians use them quite a bit as well.

Nilmandra said...

Pinto beans! I never knew what they are called, except in Mandarin. And now I do :) My mum used to make a really lovely soup from it, I miss that a lot.

Dwiana P said...

Hi Lydia, this bean photograph is so stunning!

Lydia said...

veronica & nilmandra: Yummy bean soup!! I guess lots of ppl like this bean... that's why it is quite expensive.

dwiana: thanks! I love it's red (or pinkish?) colour pod.

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