Potato Salad

Potato Salad

T loves potato salad, this is one of the dishes that he would order when we dine in middle range Japanese restaurants. I tried to recreate the potato salad we had in a restaurant, it tasted so good that T urged me to photograph and share the recipe here. I was reluctant as the presentation was not up to my standard.

By the way, the is always "sneak preview" in My Kitchen. I like to let T taste the food before it is presented on the dining table. For John, I scooped some out before adding in pickled cucumber and carrot, to prevent possible choking hazards. I didn't weigh or measure the ingredients, so for this recipe try to cook by eyes ya.

6 baby potatoes, cooked and mashed briefly
2 tbsp Japanese Mayonnaise
1 tbsp canned Tuna, drained (I used flakes in oil)
Pickled vegetables, chopped
Fried Anchovies, crushed (optional)


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients except fried anchovies. Mix well.
  2. Transfer salad onto a serving plate, sprinkle fried anchovies (or something crispy) over the top and garnish.
  3. Serve as side dish.

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This is a scheduled post, I am so busy... busy... like a busy bee!

Comments :

5 comments to “Potato Salad”
mycookinghut said...

I love potato salad.. I used to go to genki sushi a lot and never missed ordered potato salad!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

So the ingredient will be potato and also fried anchovies?

Kitchen Corner said...

This potato salad looks very pretty. I'm sure it's tasty too!

chumpman said...

Potato salad is also one of my 'must order' dish apart from salmon sashimi and green tea ice cream in Japanese restaurant. I tried to make it on my own but doesn't tastes as good as in restaurant. Perhaps I should get Japanese Mayonnaise. Thanks for sharing

Lydia said...

Such a long time I have not visited genki sushi! I think they are only available in SG?

The main ingredient is potato, the rest you can change according to your taste. The fried anchovies is to add different texture in the salad.

Kitchen Corner,
Thanks! Actually this photo is taken before I sprinkle some fried anchovies over the surface. It tasted really good with anchovies.

I prefer goma (sesame) icecream over green tea icecream. Japanese mayonnaise makes lots of different in Japanese cooking, it is creamier and not as sweet as others. My hb will recommend Kewpie (キューピー) brand.

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