Story of My Bread Maker

Bought this bread maker today... well actually it was yesterday. The story is... we bought the same model from Good Guy yesterday one side of the baking pan is dented so went to the shop to exchange. There was not any stock left so we asked for a refund. At first the salesperson told us that they could not do a refund as it is not their fault, it is a manufacturer fault, and they will order one for us meaning we have to go back to the shop again. I was not happy with that because they have the within 7 days refund policy. Apart from that, the sales person's attitude triggered my anger. So, I was little fierce asking the sales person "So, how are you going to compensate our lost? We bought it yesterday and we wanted to use it right away, but now because of YOUR PROBLEM we have no bread maker to use." Later on the sales person said he could issue us a credit note, I had no choice but to accept thinking that we could buy from another store. That sales person asked his manager for that and the manager said that it is OK to refund!! I am happy at last to get the refund. But, what I want to emphasis here are the sales person's knowledge of company policy as well as service quality.

After we got the refund, we found the same model at another shop (Bing Lee) nearby with the same price. So with the unpleasant experience we had, we told the sales person we wanted to check the baker to make sure everything is alright before we make payment. Guess what, the sales person said we could not do that. We are not allowed to open the box in the shop! But, if there is something wrong with the product we can get a refund within 7 days. No choice again... after we made payment, Tak told me to open it in the shop to check. His point was "the item is belong to us now", so I did. Glad that everything is ok at last. *@^ Clever Tak...

Service quality in Sydney is so different from Singapore, in Singapore customers always come first. But here... where is customer's right? We cannot even see the item we are buying before payment. It is ridiculous! If someone living far away, they have to come back and back... considering the time and cost of going to and from the shop, maybe they would not want to change or refund. So... at the end company get all the benefits... where are customers rights?

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4 comments to “Story of My Bread Maker”
yani said...

kat jepun ni sebelum bayar tu sales person akan buka dulu barang tu dan tunjuk pada kita.. oohh memang berbezalah..

Lydia Teh said...

yalah... kat Msia n Singapore pun sama, dapat check sebelum bayar. I tak suka service kat sini... klu tak firm, mesti kena bully.

Quinn said...

Yeah I agree, we bought a camera in Adelaide and we're not allowed to open and peek to see if everything is in a complete whole set until we pay. Always check the moment you leave the shop! It's like that in Australia, I really couldn't understand why.... In Malaysia, it is completely the other way round. Sometimes, you could even haggle the price down. If you bargain in Australia, they will shoo you out of their shop. But I quite like it when they are serving you, they do not serve or entertain anyone else unlike in Malaysia. Makes you feel important sometimes!

Lydia said...

You can bargain at the shop, just ask for the best price. Sometimes they can reduce the price. When I bought my camera, I paid about A$100 less than listed price.

The service system does make customers feel important, but not when you are in the hurry. :d Some customers take forever to choose the item they want, especially at butchera or fishmarket. Can't stand that. :d

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