10 Things I Want For My Kitchen

Tigerfish has tagged me for "10 things I want for my kitchen". The problem is... I want more than 10 things! I don't mind if anyone out there willing to give my kitchen a FREE OF CHARGE make-over. *wink wink*

To you, you, you and you, here is the list of my wild dreams... feel free to fulfil any of these:
  1. Bigger kitchen bench - my kitchen bench is too small (actually the kitchen is very small) it is only enough for me to put a small coffee maker, a small bread maker and a kettle. I usually place the chopping board on the sink (luckily my chopping board is big enough) and there is my working top.
  2. A set of good knives, including the Chinese big knife. I used to have only 2 knives for my kitchen, the Chinese big knife and a small knife for fruits. It is hard to find a good knife (好刀难寻, sounds like a line in a kung fu movie), bought 2 or 3 Chinese knives before but they chirped easily.
  3. A good wok - Big, deep, non-stick etc. I have been using frying pan for more than 2 years but still miss the wok, so please give me one.
  4. Food Processor - I do not have one now. I do not mind any brand as long as it does the job. Preferably comes with manual veggies chopper or shredder, like those on TV direct sales program.
  5. KitchenAid - I am using manual eggbeaters for those yummy looking cakes, can you imagine it? Manual eggbeaters is good, but sometimes just can't get the consistency I want. Also, my right arm muscle is growing!
  6. New Oven with digital control panel - The oven I am using is very old, timer is out so as the oven temperature markings. I actually asked the manufacturer for a copy of the user manual and marked the temperature around the control knob with permanent marker. Since then I am baking with estimated oven temp.
  7. Storage Shelves - For storage of dried foods, kitchen utensils, etc. Well, I think I should ask for a big kitchen instead. By the way, my washing machine and dryer are located in the kitchen, they took up too much space!
  8. Bigger Fridge - I am now using a small fridge with 2 doors, I want a big fridge!! I suppose all cooks want one. I particularly like the fridge with door for each compartment, so that I could take my own sweet time to check out what I have without worrying the power as well as temperature in the fridge. It would be perfect if it comes with ice dispenser.
  9. Ice Cream Maker - Both Tak and I are ice cream lovers and I'm interested in making my own ice cream, inspired by the Iron Chef.
  10. Cake Decoration Set - I don't like to eat cake that much but I like to bake it very much. I like the idea of bringing along a homemade cake or some baked goods to meet new neighbour, just like in the desperate housewives.

Well, I have listed 10 things I want. Have you decided which one to donate yet?

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Comments :

tigerfish said...

Like you, I have a really small kitchen as well. Thks for being so sporting to join the fun.

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