Eat! Kyoto! - Part IV

Matcha Ice Cream

We had famous green tea ice cream at a dessert house owned by a tea company, located in Gion - Kyoto. A long queue was formed from the first floor all the way up the staircases to dessert house located on second floor. T queued for 15 minutes or so while I was waiting at the entrance with John in the stroller. Matcha ice cream is their specialty, they also serve other traditional Japanese desserts such as kasutera, red bean soup with mochi and so forth.

Matcha Icecream

We ordered two items, the one in the tall glass was the recommended item. We thought it maybe too much, so we ordered another one with smaller serving. In the tall glass, there were matcha ice cream, red bean, mochi, matcha katsutera, chestnuts, mikan, matcha jelly and topped with matcha cream. There were similar items in the small bowl, matcha jelly with matcha ice cream, red bean, matcha jelly (different type) and chestnut.

The sweetness of matcha ice cream was just nice for me, very refreshing especially had it with jelly. I liked the chewy mochi and soft kasutera too, perhaps next time I would order kasutera separately. Jelly had strong matcha aroma, I worried John would not like it but he gobbled up one after another.

Comments :

chumpman said...

Envy, envy ! They all looks ncredibly yummy.

I save some ice cream, pudding and sorbet recipes under my 'must try' list. Can't wait to receive green tea powder my friend got me from Japan earlier and try them out one by one.

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