Flaky Shallot Pancake (酥脆葱油饼)

Crispy Shallot Pancake (葱油饼)

Instant roti canai has transformed into this flaky shallot pancake! I craved for this pancake but did not want to spend too much time in preparing the pastry, so I used instant roti canai (aka roti prata) instead. Super easy to make, and the taste and texture were pretty close to the real deal.

I added some chopped bacon this time, but T commented the pancakes would have stronger shallot aroma without the bacon. So, the choice is yours.

Crispy Shallot Pancake 葱油饼

Ingredients (2 servings):
2 pcs Instant (frozen) Roti Canai/Prata
1 stalk Green Shallot aka spring onion, chopped finely
1 slice Bacon, chopped finely
Pepper to taste
1 tbsp Cooking Oil

  1. In between 2 sheets of plastic, roll out roti into a small rectangle shape.
  2. Sprinkle half amount of green shallot and bacon, follows by some pepper.
  3. Roll up from the short end to make cylinder. Set aside.
  4. Repeat step 1 and 2 for second piece of roti, place rolled roti (step 3) on it then wrap and roll up from the short end to make thicker roll.
  5. Divide rolled roti into 6-8 equal size pieces. Cut side down, press and roll each piece into a thin pancake (in between plastic sheets).
  6. Heat oil in pan, pan fry with medium heat until golden brown on both sides.
  7. Serve warm.

Comments :

4 comments to “Flaky Shallot Pancake (酥脆葱油饼)”
KT said...

I made shallot pancakes for the first time just this morning! And as I ate it - for the first time, too - I thought it was a bit like roti prata. And here you are with a post on shallot pancakes and roti canai!

Lisa said...

Those look amazing. I will head over to my local Asian grocery and pick up some frozen roti canai. Yum!

Lydia said...

What a coincident! Next time you can make this pancake in a snap with instant roti canai. I always keep a pack of roti canai in the freezer, it can be used of many other dishes.

I think in Asian grocery you will be able to find frozen shallot pancake too.

SuriaC said...

This is a very good idea. Thank you for sharing :)

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