Sanma Shioyaki [Simple Japanese Food At Home]

Grilled Sanma (さんま焼き)

Grilled Pacific Saury with salt (Sanma Shioyaki - さんま塩焼き) is one of T's favourite fish dishes. In fact, it is a popular fish dish in Japan especially during Autumn when sanma is abundant. In Malaysia, only frozen sanma is available in some hypermarkets and Japanese food suppliers. I always buy from a nearest hypermarket which offer best price so far, one-fourth of price at Japanese food suppliers.

I am not sure if Malaysian know how to appreciate this fish but sure Japanese know. Once I had this dish on dinner menu when a Japanese friend, who was residing in Malaysia, visited us. He was so happy to see grilled sanma and after dinner he asked T to translate something to English "I am touched", he said. Well, I believe this is not simply grilled fish to them but with lots of memories associated with it. Food, can always bring back memories.
Grilled Sanma (さんま焼き)
Ingredients (makes 2 servings):
2 no. Sanma aka 秋刀鱼 in Chinese
4 tbsp grated daikon (radish)
2 tbsp light soy sauce
Lemon Wedges

  1. Clean fish, pat dry with paper towel then make a few slits on each side with a sharp knife.
  2. Sprikle salt all over the fish.
  3. Place fish on a greased grill and grill for 8-10 minutes on each side.
  4. Serve with daikon, soy sauce and lemon wedges.

Cook's Notes:
  1. This fish is best eaten warm with steamed rice or onigiri (rice ball).
  2. There is no need to marinate the fish.
  3. Sprinkle salt just before grilling will produce crispy skin.

This one is grilled with gas stove (Japanese gas stoves mostly come with a grill), and filled the bottom tray with water. Hence, the surface is shinning unlike the one grilled in normal oven.

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7 comments to “Sanma Shioyaki [Simple Japanese Food At Home]”
Yani said...

simple tapi sedap..

Kouta Hinata said...


I love your site, It is a pleasure to visit.

I have added your site to my site.

Please link my site to your site.

Thank you!

Kouta Hinata

Buy British Food said...

There should be more initiatives like this one. Nice post... Thanks!

Waste Collection said...

Great post! I hope you will share more with us. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This dish really bring back memories when I first had lunch in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. (in late '90s) They served me with this fish. I spent the whole month in Japan following that and had lots more of other Japanese dishes. By the time I board the plane home to K Lumpur, I had lost about 6 kg and I am very sure that Japanese food is healthy that you can lose weight naturally. Today I bought the same fish from Isetan mall and I am going to have it for dinner. I also bought the frozen one which I will grill later. Until now, I'm hooked on Japanese food and will have them 1-2 times a month. I'm Malaysian and I love cooking Japanese dishes. I am sure to visit your site for more recipes. Best Regards. JH

Lydia said...

JH, thanks for dropped by. Agree with you, Japanese food is so much healthier compare to Msian food.

carol said...

i grill sanma with oven it also can bring delicious like
this ...... thanks for share this i going to share this at my blog .

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