Japanese Rice Bowl cum Cooker

Tak came back from Japan with a luggage full of goodies this time. One of the goodies is this Japanese rice bowl cum microwave rice cooker. He bought 2 rice bowls another one comes with different print.

There are 2 marking lines inside the bowl, one indicates the level of rice and another indicates the level of water. My rice measuring cup is retired now I wish I could retired too *wink...wink**. I like this bowl cos we don't eat rice that much, actually a bowl is good amount for 2 of us. If you are a rice eater, this is not practical.
Here are some tips for cooking a pot of nice rice:
Wash rice until the water running clear to reduce stickiness.
Soak rice in the water for at least 30mins before cooking.
Cook rice following the instruction comes with the cooker.

Nice rice = soft but not soggy, firm but not hard.

Comments :

3 comments to “Japanese Rice Bowl cum Cooker”
Anonymous said...

stylo mylo ah!!

skyblue said...

Ini pacik Jepun dah jadi macik Jepun... selalu beli barang2 untuk dapur.

Anonymous said...

haha bagus pe! just pass kan dia Kimono je and ready to go. oopps.. u jgn lupa make-up kan dia.

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