Not So Red Velvet Cake

not so red velvet cake

Calorie free yesterday... as in FREE from keeping track of calories intake. Just for yesterday! Made a small cake for my birthday, wanted to try out this recipe for long finally made it today. Ran out of red colouring... I was thinking to make blue or green. What should I name my cake if I made it blue? hmm...

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5 comments to “Not So Red Velvet Cake”
Home Cooking said...

heyyy!!! that cake looks so delicious.

n happy belated birthday 4 ya :)

Hani said...

Happy Belated Birthday♪
How was the birthday party? :D

Nampak sooooo sedap.
Where is the recipe? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday!
It's red what, just not VERY red.
Want red ? eat birthday "red egg"!!LOL!

Lydia said...

Thanks i_sha, hani and tigerfish.

Hani, the recipe is from will add the link to the recipe.

tigerfish, miss that Mee Suah Le'ng... the last time I had it was my 21st bday! really long long time ago!!

Anonymous said...

wooohooo... bday cake for ownself. y tak try test Tak to make one for u..heeeeee.. anyway looks great.. tapi.. mcm tak boleh habis je..heeeee

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