Found some photos in my memory card, these were taken at Wagamama - a Japanese restaurant in the Sydney CBD. Went there on the public holiday, was planned to go to a ramen restaurant at the same building actually but it was closed.

Wagamama sounds like a Japanese restaurant (or it is?) but they offer fusion foods. We ordered 3 dishes there, stir-fried eda mame with chilli and garlic, gyoza and ramen. Eda mame tasted great but gyoza and ramen were far below my expectation. Another thing, I ordered a cup of green tea but it tasted like the Chinese tea I make at home. I asked the waitress to confirm if she got the right tea for me, she didn't even know what tea was that.

I was full but my tastebuds were not satisfied, so did Tak's. On our way out, we said to each other almost at the same time "I don't want to come back again."

Eda mame - This one was good.

Gyoza - I rearranged them for photo shooting, the plate was little messy when served. Tasted like frozen gyoza from supermarket. Look at the sauce... even at home I would make sure there is nothing on the side of the saucer before serving.

Ramen - Soup was cold and tasted bland to me, nothing special.

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3 comments to “Wagamama”
SoRMuiJAi said...

I really don't like wagamama. I find their food over priced and very bland. The only time we usually go is if my friends insist AND they have a discount/special going on. I make better food at home any day. When you've got to douse everything in chilli powder, theres something wrong.

tigerfish said...

Your noodle better!
So little food somemore....what's the damage in bill ?

Lydia said...

sormuijai, that was my first time and last time there. I'm sure I make better food at home too... especially the gyoza. Even food at the food court (at sussex st) is better than wagamama. I guess that's the place for non-asian.

Tigerfish, luckly we ordered 3 dishes only. That's our style dining at at "new" place. Test and taste first, then order more if the food is good.

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