Chicken Rendang

Rendang Chicken

Cooked Chicken Rendang for the first time. Hmm... without kerisik version, does it still qualify as Rendang? Even though I was born and grown up in Malaysia, I did not know how to cook rendang until now. Living thousand miles away from home forced me to learn lots of dishes that I would not cook when living in Malaysia.

It tasted great even without kerisik. For your information, kerisik is said to be the most important ingredient in this dish. I have done some research on how to prepare the kerisik, so I have no reason to leave it out next time. Tak loves this dish very much, so do I . Jun, thanks for your recipe.

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7 comments to “Chicken Rendang”
Isha said...

wow, ur rendang ayam looks so great n yummy, absolutely finger lickin' good dish. i havent had this dish for ages.

Lydia said...

isha, that was the first rendang i had in >2 yrs. satisfied...

KJ said...

My this looks delicious. I have never tried making a rendang. Something else to put on my must do list.

Lydia said...

KJ... I bet your must do list is as long as mine. :D

Precious Moments said...

Lydia, my hubby love spicy food and yours look tempting. Can you translate the recipe for me as I can't read Jun's coz it is in Malay. Thanks.

Angry Asian said...

i made Beef Rendang in the fall for a food challenge and it was DIVINE. to be honest, even tho i lived in southeast asia for many years, i had never really tried malaysian food before. i was completely blown away by the process of preparing the dish, but also by the flavors. it never occured to me to use chicken instead.

your dish looks so appetizing.

Lydia said...

Precious Moments,
Have I translated the recipe for you? I think I missed you comment, comments on my blog were sent to spam previously. Let me know if you still need this recipe.

Angry Asian,
There are many types of rendang, different states in Malaysia has their own unique taste. As for main ingredients, meats and seafood work well.

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