Roti Banggali (WIP)

Roti Banggali

Since I could not find the recipe I decided to start the Banggali Project. The result of my first experiment adapting the white bread recipe from the bread flour's packaging is quite encouraging. Took note of some adjustments to be made in the next experiment... will post the recipe once I am happy with the end product.

28 July 2007
Second experiment - used fresh milk instead of water and added more salt and sugar. The saltiness and sweetness is just right, the bread is also softer but yellowish in colour, so.... not up to my expectation yet. More bread eating days to come...

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5 comments to “Roti Banggali (WIP)”
Home Cooking said...

"roti banggali" hmm...never heard about this roti before.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I found your blog from, and your cooking/photography skills are phenomenal. All of the mouthwatering desserts! Yum~~ I'm sort of learning to cook but it will be many many many years before I ever reach your level (if that even happens).

Best wishes,
an Asian-American fan

Lydia said...

isha, ppl called it roti banggali cos in the old days banggali sell it with bisikal... haha.

hi... err... AMF? :D Thanks for dropped by anyway. Lets learn cooking together!

elle said...

Hi, love all the recipes and pictures in your sgt I tgk...just wondering,how do u get the white color of the bread..bile buat roti most of the time it will turn out yellowish..btw, great job on your blog..

Lydia said...

Use less butter or sub with cooking oil... and I don't use egg in bread. So it looks ok, not very yellowish.

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