Cendol [Little greeny thing]


Finally made my first cendol! I failed my first attempt with cendol two days ago, it was too soft and tasted funny. I made it with a slightly different recipe and method today, it tasted alright (cendol itself tastes bland actually) but the appearance needed some make-over as I do not have the right tool and skill for the job.

During lunch time, Tak was smiling as he looked at me. I asked why and he said I was like a little girl contentedly enjoying the sweet stuff. Was I? Hmmm... I love cendol, the traditional type. My taste buds are satisfied with today's Malaysian lunch menu, chicken curry, fried vermicelli (Malay style) and cendol!


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6 comments to “Cendol [Little greeny thing]”
Hani said...

looks so tempting... terliur la....

Lydia said...

masih musim panas kat sana kan?
... jom makan!

Anonymous said...

Wooo...I even see attap seeds! My fav!

Home Cooking said...

wow cendol, looks sooooo refreshing.

miss Laura said...

ummmmm,,,sedap nye,,,,!!
boleh bagi resepi nya tak??

Lydia said...

Hi hsndwsp,

Recipe for cendol is available here > http://www.myresipi.com/top/detail/2364

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