Stir-fried Hor Fan (干炒河粉)

Stir-fried Hor Fan

Tried to explain to Tak the differences between kuey teow and hor fan based on my experiences of eating both kuey teow and hor fan, "Kuey teow and hor fan are the same in term of taste, the only difference is their sizes". I think this is true only in Singapore and Malaysia. In Sydney, no matter what their sizes are, thin strips, thick strips and sheets are all called hor fan. By the way, "kuey teow" is in Hokkien whereas "hor fan" is in Cantonese, maybe that is the only difference?

Instead of stir-fry hor fan with sambal, I cooked sambal squid separately so we can have the hor fan with and without the sambal. It reminds me of the typical breakfast in my hometown, the stalls selling all sort of stir-fried noodles with wide varieties of add-on dishes. My choice would be the stir-fried hokkien noodles topped with curry stingray and dried shrimp sambal.

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2 comments to “Stir-fried Hor Fan (干炒河粉)”
Mat Gebu said...

Mmmmm sedap lah nampak....nasib baik tgk masa dah berbuka puasa...hehehe.

Lydia said...

haha... skrg ni u cuma boleh check blog orang lepas buka puasa eh...

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