From the Foodcourts

Some dishes we had during our stay in SG, crab noodles, nasi beriani and 'famous' kaya toast. The crab noodle was ordered by D, I was attracted by the colours and the 'eye-like' dots on the shells. In my opinion, food in the food courts are getting more expensive than before. A plate of nasi beriani with stingray, sambal kangkong and tempeh costed me S$7, it will be around S$4 at hawker centers.

As for the kaya toast, it comes with various set meals. A typical set includes 2 kaya toasts, 2 soft-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee of your choice. I do not understand why this 'brand' is so famous, it tasted like kaya toast offered by any other coffee shops. I myself like kaya toast very much, just can't see any special elements in this brand.

What else did we eat in 4 days?

  1. Xing Hua Chinese Cooking - 8 dishes! (thanks bro)
  2. Nasi Lemak
  3. Laksa
  4. Curry Yong Tau Fu
  5. Char Kueh Tiaw
  6. KFC (thanks sis)
  7. Hokkien Mee
  8. Chili Clam
  9. Dim Dum (thanks sis)
  10. Sambal Petai with Squid (thanks bro)
  11. BBQ Stingray (thanks bro)
  12. Claypot Rice (thanks bro)
  13. Lor Mee
  14. Rojak
  15. Cendol
  16. Ceng Teng
  17. and more...

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4 comments to “From the Foodcourts”
jo ayee said...

yg ada 3 red dots tu ketam ke? ayee suruh tanya.

tigerfish said...

I like kaya toast too! And I don't know the special element in Ya kun brand. Hmmmm.....
Maybe it's in the kopi? :P

Lydia said...

Jo: yup... tu ketam, stuffed with crab meat. Sy tak dpt rasa sbb tu sis punya bf yg order, malu nak share2. :D siapa tu ayee?

Tigerfish: kopi also not special... maybe the original toast has the special taste, now lots of francise... quality maybe diff.

jo ayee said...

ayee= my other half :)..

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