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Experiencing the joys of gardening with my pot plants. This time is okra... the plants are about chopstick tall but already started fruiting. One plant is bearing 3 okras and another bearing 2 okras.

This leaf was on the floor for a few days, was about to put it in the bin this morning but found the little plant and roots. New plant... new life... put it back in the pot to grow with its family.

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2 comments to “From My Balcony”
Mat Gebu said...

Sky...i pun ada pokok2 jenis mcm tu, dan dari satu pokok sekarang dah jadi banyak...daun itu mcm "emak" dan yg comel kat bawah tu "baby" dia...haha (baby boy juga ke?)..hehehe

Lydia said...

mat... sy plan nak buat pot kecil2 dgn pokok tu utk hiasan kat meja. Senang pokok tu... tak payah air selalu.

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