Pulut Panggang

Pulut Panggang

Pulut panggang in the city... an express version made with some ready-cooked ingredients. For the rice, added some coconut milk and salt to cooked glutinous rice (leftover). As for filling, I pan-fried some pounded dried shrimps together with chopped garlic and desiccated coconut flakes until fragrant, then stirred in some sambal tumis (always have some in my fridge) and enough coconut milk just to moisten the filling. Pulut panggang ready in just a few minutes... yumm! *not burnt enough? pop them in the toaster for a minute to get the smoky taste*

I have to pay for banana leaf here... so once I buy a pack I got to think how to make use of and finish it. After making these pulut panggang still have some leaves left, what kuih next? The heat is on!

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2 comments to “Pulut Panggang”
Mat Gebu said...

wow..rajinnya....dekat rumah i, daun pisang bersepah2 pun, i malas nak buat pulut panggang...kalau beli rajin laaa!!!

Lydia said...

cik mat tak suka cik pisang eh?? nanti dia merajuk... botak baru tau!!

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