Red Bean Soup with Sago

Red Bean & Sago Soup

Actually this is red bean cum purple glutinous rice soup. I could not decide which one to cook so I mixed them together. One cup red bean cooked together with half cup purple glutinous rice and sweetened with palm sugar. Then, cooled and chilled before adding some sago into the soup. By the way, is this soup or porridge? Direct translation from Mandarin is red bean soup, but direct translation from Malay is red bean porridge.

After I cooked and rinsed the sago, I put them straight into chilled red bean soup so that they would not stick together.

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3 comments to “Red Bean Soup with Sago”
Mat Gebu said...

Tak kesah lah sky...soup kaa....porridge kaa..janji sedap bila sampai dalam tekak....

seriseroja said...

tq sky, i always have the problem of sticky sago in my 'sweet corn in coconut milk' (betul ke translation bubur jagung ni..?). so next time i'll do it your way - cook the sago separately, rinse and mix! tq again!!

Dwiana P said...

sooo pretty!!!

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