SHF#38: Sago Pudding

Sago Pudding

Have not participated in blog events for some time, decided to take The Proof Is In The Pudding challenge. I asked the only guinea pig at home what type of pudding he would like to have knowing that he is not a big fan of pudding. As expected, T did not suggest any preferences. Hmm... since he loves brown sugar candy so much why not I make something with it?

My initial plan was to make a pudding with Malaysian flair, layers of sago, gula melaka (palm sugar) and coconut milk. After making the first and second layer, I was exhausted and decided to leave it there with the thought "It would be nice too if serve with coconut milk". The verdict? The pudding was served chilled with creamy evaporated milk instead of coconut milk for me, and coconut milk with extra syrup for him. My guinea pig gave me thumbs up as he gobbling up those "froggy eggs"!

Ingredients (4 ramekins):
100g sago (small)
180g gula melaka (palm sugar, I used cylinder type)
200ml water
1 pandan (screw pine) leaf (optional)
100ml hot water
1 tbsp gelatin powder (about 14g)
Coconut milk OR Evaporated milk for serving
Palm sugar syrup for serving (optional)

  1. Put sago and 500ml water in a large pot, bring to boil on low/medium heat and stir gently throughout. Once the water started to boil and sago turned translucent, turn the heat off and cover for 1-2 minutes. With a sieve, rinse sago under running cold water to get rid of the gooey stuff. Set aside.
  2. In a medium pot, bring to boil 200ml water, palm sugar and pandan leaf. Simmer on low heat till the palm sugar is dissolved. Discard pandan leaf.
  3. Dissolve gelatin in 100ml hot water and stir into the palm sugar syrup, cook till the gelatin is dissolved.
  4. Turn the heat off and allow mixture to cool down to body temperature. Stir in sago and pour mixture into ramekins and keep in the refrigerator till the pudding is set.
  5. Serve with 1-2 tbsp chilled coconut milk or evaporated milk.

Comments :

10 comments to “SHF#38: Sago Pudding”
jo ayee said...

sedapnya..rasa cam nak ambil gelas tu dan makan...colour theme cantik

zorra said...

Your pudding looks so delicious! I did not know what Sago is, but Google is your friend. ;-)

Thank you very much for joining SHF#38.

Lydia said...

jo, jemput makan... :D I pun suka colour tu, actually i ambil white background juga tapi tak cantik.

now you have another ingredient to play with!

Dwiana P said...

really enjoying your photo - fantastic! what do you use as a background? I think you deserve to win a good looking blog though.

Lydia said...

dwiana, thanks... and glad that you like that photo. I used a dark colour cardboard as background, non-shining type.

Lydia Hamre said...

Hi Lydia! I'm a Lydia as well...I love your picture of this pudding...Very beautiful! It sure looks very tasty as well...I'll try this one of these days;)


Lydia H.

Tartelette said...

What a great entry! I love the flavors and the picture is gorgeous!

Fera said...

Those are some amazing pudding! I may try this in this weekend.

The Nyonya Chef said...

Hi Lydia, your photos look very nice and yummy... do you use flash or natural lights to take the pictures? Thanks!

Lydia said...

The Nyonya Chef,
Thanks for the compliments. I used natural light most of the time, if the it is too dark I will use flash.

For this particular photo, it was taken with natural light only.


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