Simple Lunchbox

Simple Lunchbox

Big kid has to go to school today so I prepared this lunchbox with the help of some new toys in my collection. In the lunchbox, there are fried rice onigiri topped with bonito flakes, tamago-yaki, salad, seasoned konbu and unagi.

When T was in Japan last week, I asked him to get me triangle onigiri (rice ball) makers. He called and said that he got something cute, which is different from what I wanted. I asked him if he was getting ready for the little kid, he said "No, that's for me! You know, I am a small eater." ^_^"

Here is the cute onigiri maker, it comes in two sizes 3cm and 2.5cm. Fill the box with rice then press to make onigiri. Will post about other stuffs when I use them... tune in!

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2 comments to “Simple Lunchbox”
HK Choo said...
on first I thought it was one big rectangle onigiri and was about to ask you where you got the mould, only reading further I realised it was made up of a few smaller cubes. Very dainty.

Lydia said...

Thanks for reminding me I have those mould!! It is time to make some onigiri with my boy!

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