Spicy Calamari Rings

Fried Calamari

Came back from my sister's place last week with lots of goodies, still have some calamari and fish left in the freezer. Those calamari were fished by my brother in-law, he went on a fishing trip when I was there.

During a week of stay there, I ate lots of calamari. Teased my lovely sis if we need a cholesterol check after eating calamari for a week. Those calamari were so fresh that T also loved it. In the past, he would never touch those bought from market whenever I cook.

I have been eating different flavours of fried calamari last two weeks, this is one of my favourites - spicy fried calamari. For the coating, mix together ground black pepper, 5-spice powder, salt and corn flour. Pat dry calamari and coat with the coating mixture, then deep fry for not more than 2 minutes. Serve with lemon wedges and mayonnaise.

...got to check my cholesterol level SOON.

Do you like tempura calamari too?

300g large calamari
Oil for deep-frying
Coating Mix:
1 tsp Gound black pepper
1 tsp 5-spice powder
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp corn flour
  1. Clean and cut calamari into rings, pat dry with paper towel.
  2. Mix together all coating ingredients in a plastic bag, shake to mix.
  3. Put calamari rings into the plastic bag, then shake the bag to coat the calamari.
  4. Deep fry for not more than 2 minutes. Serve with lemon wedges and mayonnaise.

Comments :

9 comments to “Spicy Calamari Rings”
Joanna said...

hi compliments on your lovely blog. may i ask if the boiled lollies for your shortbread cookie can be bought in kl? can it be any kind of clear sweets and then just place a small piece in the centre for it to melt? thanks.

Lydia said...

hi joanna, clear sweets (lollies) aka boiled lollies. you can use any kind of clear sweets, break into small pieces so it will be easier to fit into the hole. pls make sure you use good quality of baking paper to prevent it from sticking. FYI, First Choice brand non-stick baking paper is NOT really non-stick. Am not sure if grease it first will help... do try it out with small amount of sweets first.
all the best... and if you can, let me know the end result. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Blog, Lydia, enjoy reading it. Mmm.. Calamari is our Sotong?
Tks Mrs Singh

Lydia said...

Mrs Singh: Yeap... calamari is our sotong-san. :d

vien said...

Hi Lydia,
Wah the calamari looks so yummy.Saliva drooling already....
Do you eat them with Tartare sauce?

You take nice photos.Are you using a SLR camera?

Reading your blog makes me a little nostalgic.Kampar my hometown for 20 years. Havent been back for more than 10 yrs already.

Keep up the good work in your blog. Will be reading it frequently.


Lydia said...

Hi Vien,

I served it either with mayonnaise or aioli (mayo+garlic+lemon juice+salt) sauce. My hb loves aioli sauce with seafoods, especially with grilled salmon.

Yeap, I am using DSLR camera (Pentax K100D). Still new to photographing but loving it.

Am a newbie in Kampar, moved here cos of hb's work. 20+10yrs... we are similar in age. :p Btw, where are you at now?


mikky said...

my kids love calamari... will try your version soon... thanks for sharing...

Nate-n-Annie said...

I like that you use five-spice in your breading. Good idea!

Is this your favorite way to eat calamari / sotong?

Lydia said...

thanks for dropped by, hope you kids loved this calamari.

For deep-fried, yes I like this recipe and I also like sambal sotong.

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