Braised Chicken Feet (卤水凤爪)


Planned to make Thai style crystal chicken feet salad but was too lazy to debone, changed recipe at the very last minute and cooked this boiled chicken feet with herbs instead. Often made chicken feet salad when living in Sydney, I was lazy too then but the deboned and cooked chicken feet was available in most Vietnamese butchers.

Right, back to this recipe, no precise measurement, simply boil chicken feet with herbs - cinnamon stick, star anise, clove, peppercorn and garlic. As for seasoning, I added soy sauce and pinch of salt. Serve in room temperature with chopped garlic and chili in soy sauce for dipping.

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2 comments to “Braised Chicken Feet (卤水凤爪)”
jo ayee said...

hi lydia...terkejut tengok kaki ayam tu..tapi sedapkan...dah lama betol tak makan kaki :)

Lydia said...

jo, kat sana takde jual kaki ayam ke? sedaplah kaki ayam... klu kat dimsum restaurant tu lagi sedap!!

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