Unauthorised Publication on Shin Min Daily News

Unauthorised Publication

in short, they stolen my recipe and photograph!!

This recipe and photograph were taken from My Kitchen and published on Shin Min Daily News, one of the leading Chinese newspapers under SPH in Singapore, on the 16 July 2008. What was the reason, or perhaps I should say, excuse for unauthorised publication? I managed to get the answer, it was simply because "deadline was tight". BUT, hey... I have nothing to do with your job!! To me, it sounds like it is okay to rob the bank if we are in need of money since there are so many banks around. I was thinking if I should black out the editor's name but on the second thought, she needed to learn something. Yes, I am annoyed especially after I read her e-mail.

* * *

I would like to thank my lawyer (should I mention your name?), family members and readers for supporting me in this matter.

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11 comments to “Unauthorised Publication on Shin Min Daily News”
Manggy said...

That is just ridiculous. I am completely certain you'll win the case. What a stupid "writer"!

Dwiana P said...

Oh dear, I hate to hear about this. My fellow Indonesian blogger recently got the same problem like you.

read here: http://dapurnegeridongeng.blogspot.com/2008/09/koran-tempo-tempo-newspaper-used-my.html

I am sorry this happen with you.

Celeste said...

It's not fair what they have done to you, at least they should have asked first your permission. I hope this would end in good terms.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I think "she" is rude in this matter. You have the right in taking any legal action to her.

mycookinghut said...

What kind of answer was that?! Tight deadline doesn't mean she can steal!! It just simply not right to 'steal' people's recipe.. very unethical!

Anonymous said...

That is horrible!! Hope they get what they deserve RAR!

Anonymous said...

My,how unethical and low can some writers stoop to! Singapore is supposed to be all righteous and law abiding in everything big or small. Its so easy to ask "permissson" in this Internet age.
I say sue their "socks" off! Go for it!
Mrs Singh, Ipoh

Lydia said...

Dear all,

Thanks for everything. I let my lawyer handle this case for me, hope things will sort out soon.

the little prince said...

I support u on this matter!!

They are really too much!!

Jo said...

Hi Lydia, so sorry to hear this. I have encountered the same case where my recipe and photo were stolen and publised to a baking supplies chain's monthly newsletter (Bagus Malaysia if you have heard of). I hope the law will do you justice very soon.

Dharm said...

Seems like this happens a lot all over the world. It is certainly quite riduculous and we bloggers shouldnt let them get away with it. Nice blog you have incidentally!

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