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I have received a parcel from Japan today! I was so excited that almost snatched the parcel from Mr Postman when he was holding it with the paper work. I looked for my camera first thing I got into the house. I just love the chips maker, now I can make microwave sweet potato chips more often. Actually I like all those handy stuff for kitchen, user friendly and easy to wash up after use. Can I confiscate the lunchbox and T&F fork and spoon? Well, will keep the fork and spoon first, let John use them when he is able to feed self in the future. By the way, it supposed to be a gift for quiz but Kak Hani also got something for my boy. How sweet she is! Hmm... I'm waiting for next quiz. *=^

When T saw the items in the evening, he said "Arigatou Ogawa-san". I did mentioned to him I was expecting a parcel from Japan earlier but not the sender's name. I was surprised that he could remember this surname so well and came out from his mouth without any delay. Papa, mama and John.... senou... "Arigatou Ogawa-san!"

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5 comments to “New Toys”
kp&jean said...

can i ask if the sweet potato chips will taste crispy after microwave?? will they b soft??

MamaFaMi said...

Bestnya your toys!

Lydia said...

hi kp&jean, microwaved chips are crispy but not as crispy as deep-fried version.

hi mamafami, don't be jelous k... make chips for you next time.

LoyYong's mama & papa said...

may i know where u buy this stuff? cos i oso like to buy this cutty things & keep for my baby next time later...

my email: nhm9977@yahoo.cp,

Lydia said...

hi, sorry that I don't know where to get it in Msia. It is a gift from my friend in Japan.

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