BBM: Aloha!


Actually I received the missed parcel delivery notice last week but only free to pick it up today. I was so excited about this BBM, my first BBM event. Before this, I always wanted to participate in BBM but only read about the announcement after the deadline. I am happy that I did not missed the flight this time. My BBM partner is Deb from the Kahakai Kitchen, I got to know about her today!

A big thank you for you, Deb. It was fun for me unwrapping each item with full of excitement. I smiled when I saw the sudoku book, you really read through my blog! Let me show off what I have received...
  1. Onigiri makers and cookies cutters - mama's toys, John's food
  2. Bento Cookbook - I am sure I need it!
  3. Vanilla Extract Kit - I was wondering why such a big bottle... :D
  4. Chocolates - T would loves them!
  5. Natural Pineapple Cane Sugar - comes with tea bags, so sweet of you!
  6. Big Island Bee's Honey - My honey loves honey!
  7. Hawaiian Red 'Alaea Salt - will learn how to use it.
  8. Kaiulani Curry Mix - will use it SOON
  9. Coffee Soap and Hawaiian Sugar Cane Lip Balm - Someone is going to grab this from me!
  10. Sudoku Book (not in the photo) - can't wait...

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4 comments to “BBM: Aloha!”
Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Hawaiian Sugar Cane Lip Balm
It is so special!

Debinhawaii said...

I am so happy you got it--I always get a bit freaked out sending things to other countries and hoping they make it there! I am glad you like it--most of what's in there are special favorites of mine. Hope you enjoy trying everything.


Deb (& Max)

Lydia said...

joanne, do you think bees will sting my lips or not? lol

deb, I have tried the curry spice today. Takemi (my hb) said it was very nice! I cooked stir-fried miso marinated pork with onion, served with fried dumpling pastry (as bowl), topped with some mayo... then... generous sprinkle of the curry spice. It was pre-dinner dish I cooked for T, served with beer. very very yummmmy! I will make a similar version to post it here. Thanks again, deb.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Lydia, hehe...I think your husband will like to kiss your lips more..:-)

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