(Photo taken from Prince Hotel website, the link might not work after the promotion period)

We ordered a Kaiseki Experience set at the ENJU Japanese restaurant, Prince Hotel KL. I was attracted to the dishes in the poster, so we decided to give it a try. What would you expect after you see this photo?

Here are the dishes you should expect...


I was disappointed by the dishes offered, was it too much if I expected what I saw on the poster? I understand that we can't trust the photo 100%, what about 80% or 70%? Another thing, dishes served were not consistent with the menu list. There was not Unagi roll on the list, but it was served instead of the "Grilled Unagi served with steamed rice and variety of vegetables" - you can see that in their poster . Also, the dessert should be icecream and fruits but only icecream was served. We asked for the fruit, the waitress puzzled for seconds and she said she need to check with the chef first?!

Service wise, we had our dinner at a private room paying RM50. We called or shouted 2-3 times but no one attended our room. T asked for salt, twice, they took their own sweet time to bring it in. He waited for long for his 2nd bottle of sake too. When we were leaving, no one was outside!! No more service after bill? What about the price? The Kaiseki Experince set was priced at RM120++. By the way, we stayed at the hotel so we were entitled to 30% off for the food and 20% off for the beverage, but was not on the bill until we questioned. Real questioning. Too many negative points, I leave it to you if you are still going there or not.

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Tokyoastrogirl said...

Hi Lydia,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful things you sent to me for Blogging By Mail! I am sorry it took so long to write but I've been out of the country for the last two weeks. I'd like to email you to ask you questions about it all, so if you could contact me that would be wonderful. My email is tokyoastrogirl@gmail.com.

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