Interview by Shin Min Daily (Singapore)

Interview by Shin Min Daily

Read the bigger version on flickr, sorry only available in Chinese version.

Not so new's news. I was interviewed by Shin Min Daily News (新民日报) last month and the article was published on Friday, 28 November 2008. I only received a copy of the newspaper today, by snail mail. T was more excited than me when I showed him the article, he read as if he could read Chinese!

* * * Brief translation updated on 24 December 2008 * * *

Started Learning Cooking Since Age of 12
Created 400 Recipes
Sharing on Her Blog

This lady is passionate in cooking. She is 33 y/o, a full-time mom and spending her free time experimenting new recipes. Her blog was created in year 2005, recording recipes created by herself, adapted from magazine and books, together with photographs taken by herself.

There are many categories of food on her blog, such as western, nyonya, Japanese, bread, cake, dessert and so forth. All recipes on her blog come with clear instruction.

Judging from photographs, dishes are carefully presented with tempting colour and they have professional quality. She has created more than 400 recipes, some of her favourite recipes are pumpkin rice, savory yam cake, chocolate cake pop and earl grey chiffon cake.

She said "I use my tongue and memory of taste and smell, and the concept of one dish to create another dish." "Some dishes succeed on the first attempt but other had tried umpteen times yet to achieve the taste I want."

According to her, she is not cooking for the purpose of blogging but spent times for preparing meals for family to experiment new dishes. Family members will provide feedback and she will adjust the recipe accordingly.

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9 comments to “Interview by Shin Min Daily (Singapore)”
Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Congrats to you...
It is a great success leh!
Good job Lydia, keep it up your good work in sharing more nice and interesting recipe with us.

mycookinghut said...

Congrats Lydia on your appearance!!

limpepsi said...

Wonderful!! Congratulations!!
Keep it up!

pinky70 said...

hi, i've read e news paper oso, congrats to you N is nice to knowing you. 加....油.

zaliana said...

hai!!! congrats!!!!
aiyya can u please translate it for me??

Lydia said...

Thanks guys... will "eat" harder and add more "油". First time being referred as "少妇", I felt old. lol

Welcome to My Kitchen and glad to know you too. Do you hava a blog?

Will try to translate for you.

Y3K food & travel said...

Hi Lydia,

I am looking for fresh contributors for my food magazine "Y3K Recipes". I wonder if you are keen to contirbute in this magazine?

You can contact me through



The Nyonya Chef said...

Hi Lydia, excellent job!!!! I love cooking and baking too... it's my passion and like yourself, I learn cooking from my mum when I was young... so cooking became my passion! I only just started my blog not long ago so am trying to take some photos to put in my own blog... hehe... by the way, all your photos are really well taken. CONGRATS and hope you'll keep posting wonderful recipes and photos to share.... it's really nice to know you!

Lydia said...

The Nyonya Chef,
Thanks for compliments (again). Hope to see some nyonya recipes on your blog soon.

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