Ginkgo Nut Chicken Soup (白果鸡汤)

Ginko Nut Chicken Soup

I always used ginkgo nuts in desserts and stir-fried vegetables. This is my first time using them in savoury soup. T loves ginkgo nuts and chicken soup very much, so I combined them in one pot - ginko nuts chicken soup. T said the soup was better than the ginseng chicken soup I cooked few days ago.

I added some white fungus (aka snow fungus), after few hours of double-boiling, the soup was so smooth and thick. White fungus contains rich gelatin that thicken up the soup naturally, and it is believed to contain health properties similar to bird nest if consume regularly. When buying white fungus, I always picked up the yellowish ones as they are unbleached.

Ginko Nut Chicken Soup

When writing this post, I found some ginkgo nut chicken soup recipes online. By adding some other Chinese herbs, it can be a nourishing soup for those who are planning to have baby!

Ingredients (2 servings):
1 quarter kampung (free-range) chicken
20 ginkgo nuts
White fungus, soaked
Wolf berries
Salt to taste


  1. Clean chicken and chop into chunks if desired.
  2. Scald chicken with boiling water and drain.
  3. Place chicken in double boiler or slow-cooker, add in ginkgo nuts and white fungus. Fill in boiling water, 3-4 cups depending on the size of double boiler.
  4. Double boil for 2 hours on low heat. If using slow-cooker, 2 hours on auto.
  5. Add wolf berries and salt to taste, and let it boil for further 10-15 minutes.
  6. Serve warm.

Comments :

10 comments to “Ginkgo Nut Chicken Soup (白果鸡汤)”
Anonymous said...

I don't have any familiarity with gingko nuts, except as an ingredient/extract in health foods. Along those lines, though, you have provided a recipe with some interesting tidbits of herbal medicine thrown in. I love it!

Anyway, I found you through FoodGawker and am writing to say that if you have any photos that aren’t accepted there, I’d love to publish them. Visit my new site (below), it’s a lot of fun! I hope you will consider it.


SJ said...

thanks 4 d recipe.
i like gingko!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

Anonymous said...

I really loved your recipe!
You talk about Chinese herbs to add in case you're planning for a baby, could you be more precise and give us examples of herbs?
thank you very much, and keep posting, I love your site!!!!

Lydia said...

Hi Casey,
Thanks for dropped by and comment. Will check out tastetopping soon.

Welcome to MK.

Looks like someone is trying for baby... here is the link for chicken soup recipe (in Chinese):
There are a few more links but same recipe. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the herb soup recipe! I hope this will help!! :)

iml said...

Never had gingko and white fungus in chicken soup before. Sure going to give this a try tomorrow.ThankQ for sharing.

mica said...

wow gingko nuts & chicken soup sounds so so good! the pics make the soup look even better! my bf's cantonese & is this 110% soup lover. gonna make this soup for him~ for sure!

Anonymous said...

According to some chinese books/websites that if you are pregnant, don't eat ginkgo as it can cause miscarriaged.

Lydia said...

Thanks for the info, appreciate it if you could provide us a link for more information. TIA.

Anonymous said...

I love your recipe and the soup did taste good.
Though not sure how valid the below inf is, just want to share with you.It's noted from
"under Special precautions & warnings:
Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Ginkgo is POSSIBLY UNSAFE when used during pregnancy. It might cause early labor or extra bleeding during delivery if used near that time. Not enough is known about the safety of using ginkgo during breast-feeding. Don’t use ginkgo if you are pregnant or breast-feeding."

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