Homemade Peach Jam

Peach Jam

I was excited to see lots of fresh and cheap peaches during our trip to Xiamen. Bought some back, and I got to admit that it was bad idea to bring such fruit on long journey without proper packaging. Some peaches had bruises all over and not good to eat fresh anymore, had no choice but to make them into jam.

Same method as making apple jam, but I omitted gelatine this time. It tasted much better than I expected, especially with fish and chips. Yes, you heard me right. I cooked fish and chips last night, served it with some peach jam plus extra lemon juice at the side. Its fruity flavour matched very well with the fish. T was reluctant to try it at first, but he loved it after first bite.

For those new to homemade jam, simply peel and chop the peach or apple. Add in some sugar, mix well and set aside for 10 minutes or so. Cook over low heat until bubbling, add some lemon juice and gelatine (dissolved in water first) if desired. Continue to cook until the liquid is reduced.

Peach Jam

Still have some peaches around, more recipes with peach coming up soon. Hopefully I have enough time to post them up. Been really busy recently, guests from aboard and travelling.

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5 comments to “Homemade Peach Jam”
~Rachel~ said...

This Peach Jam looks great. I never think that jam can be eat along with fish n chips, a really fresh idea for me, got to try this out one day..^_^

MeRy said...

peach jam ... it looks great.

JT said...

hi, is there such a thing a special sugar for making jam?? what if I wanna make some strawberry jam, is the method still the same?

tracieMoo said...

it looks really good..!
homemade jams are the best.. you could always put the right amount of sugar according to taste =D

Lydia said...

You should try it, surprisingly good with fish!

Does your son like fruit jam?

I used white sugar, some ppl may use fruit sugar (eg, pineapple sugar). Same method as making strawberry jam, but dont have to peel.

You are right, I always used just right amount of sugar. And, I know there is no preservative in it.

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