Milky Fish Soup [牛奶鱼汤]

Milky Fish Soup

Milky fish soup anyone? This is a really quick dish to prepare, for simple lunch or one of the dishes for dinner. Let's start my year 2010 blogging with this colourful healthy "fast food".

With two boys under two year-old at home, I have limited time to spend in the kitchen. Once Sean is settled down, I need to get meal prepared before John started to pull things out from kitchen drawers. He loves to play with my baking stuffs, such as food colouring, cookie cutters and baking pans. At one stage, his favourite toy was my doughnut cutter!

Milky Fish Soup

I used broccoli, yellow capsicum and carrot for their colour. They can be substituted with preferred vegetables. Adding tofu and milk last is to keep tofu soft and in shape, and to prevent milk from curdling.

Ingredients (2 servings):
200 g Fish Fillet or Steak Cut (I used Mackerel or Tenggiri in Malay)
Pinch of salt
1 tsp corn flour
1 tbsp cooking oil
2 cloves garlic, sliced
3-4 slices ginger
1 cup stock or water (I used water)
½ cup fresh milk
Salt to taste


  1. Clean fish, pat dry with paper towel. Cut into chunk if desired. Lightly season it with salt and coat with corn flour.
  2. Heat oil in pan, pan fry fish until browned lightly on all side.
  3. While frying the fish, prepare vegetables.
  4. Transfer fish to a plate and set aside. Using the same pan, stir in ginger and garlic. Then, carrot and capsicum. Cook for about 1 minute and discard extra oil if necessary.
  5. Return fish into the pan, add in stock or water and broccoli. Bring to boil, then let it simmer for 1-2 minutes. Add in tofu and milk, add salt to taste.
  6. Bring to boil. Once it is boiled, remove from heat. Serve warm with ground pepper.

Milky Fish Soup

For John, I transferred fish and vegetables into a plate, and soup in a bowl. He said "waa..." and got up his highchair straight away. The serving portion was too big for him, he could not finish all but I am glad that he ate bit of everything.

Comments :

12 comments to “Milky Fish Soup [牛奶鱼汤]”
ijayuji said...

Hi lydia! how r u there?? lamanyer tak dtg sini, mcm mana life skrg? sure sibuk sbb bb john dah besar kan? :D me Natto :D

3 hungry tummies said...

I love this with thick rice noodles :)

Irene's Footprints said...

The milky fish soup looks real delish and healthy too.

Nice presentation too.

I would love to taste it.

: )

Ann said...

oo that looks different! i have to try this one day

Elin said...

Hi Lydia...this is so healthy for a child. I want to try this out :)) this is something new , thanks for sharing this :)

Elin said...

Lydia...I have tried out your green peas cookies and it turned out excellent. I have posted it up and have linked you. Sorry for not asking for your permission earlier :) Anyway I has tweaked it by using self raising flour instead of plain flour. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Blessed Homemaker said...

This is my first time to your blog. You've got a great blog and I love your beautiful pics!

The Cooking Ninja said...

Happy New Year!

I haven't had this for so many years. Will try this out to see if my girl will eat it or not. :) Thanks for the recipe.

aku cuma seorang blogger yang cinta seo said...

hi this is like soup from Indonesia :)

nice to share here...

look delicious...

Technology said...

is it food from Indonesia?

Aku cuma seorang blogger yang cinta seo

tigerfish said...



Lydia said...

Thanks for dropped by! Life is good, but always busy with 2 boys. John is turning 2 next month, around CNY time.

3 hungry tummies,
I love it too, used to eat it quite often when I lived in SG.

Irene's Footprints, Ann & Elin,
Thanks! Do try it out, you can use almost any fish.

Blessed Homemaker,
Welcome to MK & thanks for the compliments.

The Cooking Ninja,
Happy new year! Hope your girl would like this soup.

Aku cuma seorang blogger yang cinta seo,
Not sure if this is a soup from Indonesia, had similar one in SG before.

Start CNY baking yet?

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