Ocean Batu Maung [Crazy About Seafood]

Ocean Batu Maung

"Batu Maung... Batu Maung..." this is the new phrase that little John chanting while playing lately. He overheard our conversation on the way to the restaurant and picked up the area/restaurant name. There are many seafood restaurants in Penang island, we just started to explore a little after living here for over a year.

It was our second visit to this seafood restaurant actually, T loved their salted egg crab very much. This version was something different from what we had before, grilled (or deep fried?) crab coated with salt egg sauce. The flesh was firm and really fresh.

Crab with salted egg

Another dish we ordered was deep-fried sea mantis (aka mantis shrimp) with salt and pepper. It was fresh but the flesh was not as firm or meaty as crab. I did not know the fresh sea mantis is expensive, was like "oops" when the bill came. The price of two sea mantises was slightly higher than crab. Perhaps next time we should order our all time favourite - deep-fried sea mantis with butter and oats.

Peppery Mantis Prawn

We ordered four dishes in total, crab, sea mantis (RM40+), razor clam and Singapore fried vermicelli. Razor clam was frozen type, lots of sand in it I did not like it that much. As for the vermicelli, I thought it should have char-siew bites in it?

This restaurant is relatively new I think, new building and I could not find any review about it online yet (or I missed it). Batu Maung is a fishing village with many seafood restaurants around, gonna explore another restaurant next time.

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