Homemade Thin Udon [Life is easier with pasta maker]

Thin Udon

J loves cold soba very much. He often asked for it "Mama, cold-cold ramien please". Soba was out of stock the other day so I decided to make some thin udon instead. Same udon recipe, but make it thin using pasta maker.

Udon is so versatile, you can enjoy it in many ways - cold, hot, soup, stir-fried and so forth. If you are making udon for the first time, take this point down - the longer/better you knead the dough, the better texture it will be. Of course, should not add too much water.

Thin Udon

I used pasta maker to "knead" the dough, sprinkled with corn flour to prevent them from sticking together. John was excited to see the dough turned into noodles from the other side of pasta maker. It was a fun activity to do with young children I must say.

Thin Udon

Tala... udon is ready in no times. Udon freeze really well, I divided them into single serving bundles and put them in cupcake cases before storing in an airtight container.

Thin Udon

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6 comments to “Homemade Thin Udon [Life is easier with pasta maker]”
Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Thanks for sharing, next time I want try this recipe, my family members love noodles!

lishapisa said...

home made udon noodle! wow i love udon in soup , stir fry but never had it cold and this recipe came with homemade udon recipe. 2 for a price of 1 * Thank you * Isn't it just wonderful how the little ones ask for food especially good food!
CookNg Sisters

Anonymous said...

I agreed with you it's fun to make this together with young children.
My 2 girls enjoyed so much when I tried out your udon recipe.
Though I was making small portion but I let them "dance" on it!
Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

What pasta maker did you get? My wife needs her Sanuki Udon, so I am hunting for a good pasta maker. Thanks.

Lydia said...


The pasta maker I have look like this>>>>

So far, only this type I saw in my area. Small, but just nice for a small family.

tsangj said...

I also wanted to know what type of bread maker you have! I love your recipes.

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