Baked Curry Puff [Learn how to pleat a curry puff]

Baked Curry Puff
Months ago a reader, Annie shared with me a pastry/pie crust recipe she used to make baked curry puff. It was in my inbox for long until this afternoon I decided to make a trip down to the minimart to get a can of sprite.

My first time using soda drink in pastry recipe, the dough was soft but stretchable quite easy to work with. Baked curry puff does not have crispy crust but it is flaky and does not turn hard when cooled. Since this is bake version, I made some heart shape puffs using egg mould.

Well, I am not sure if baked curry puff is healthier than the traditional fried version as it contains higher fat (butter) in the pastry (roughly 1400cals vs 800cals for 24pcs). Would the amount of oil absorbed in fried version add up to 1400 cals? Can someone enlighten me?
Baked Curry Puff

Ingredients (+/-48 pcs):
750 g (6 cups) pastry flour
450 g butter/margarine
325 ml (1 can) 7-Up or Sprite
Egg for egg-wash

Filling recipe is available here, please note that the filling recipe is good for 24 pieces.
  1. Mix flour with butter or margarine using a pastry cutter or finger tips until coarse.
  2. Add in sprite, mix and knead slightly till soft dough is formed.
  3. Chill in refrigerator for an hour.
  4. Divide and shape dough into 48 equal size balls.  
  5. Assemble: Roll out each ball into a 10cm circle, wrap in a heap tablespoon of potato filling then pinch together edges to seal. Refer to clip appended below on how to pleat a curry puff.
  6. Brush with egg (optional) and bake in preheated oven at 190C for 20 minutes

Comments :

6 comments to “Baked Curry Puff [Learn how to pleat a curry puff]”
Janine said...

Wow the baked curry puff look really awesome! And sounds like a healthier version of the normal fried ones too!

Jeannie said...

Baked is definitely healthier without the extra oil absorbed from frying! Looks good!

Love2cook Malaysia said...

I made curry puffs only once in my whole life. Baked curry puff is something new and loved to try it! Following you :)

Lydia said...

Janine & Jeannie,
Thanks for the compliments. Well, am still not sure if it is healthier but less greasy when eat.

Can I say all Malaysians love curry puff? :D

Rita said...

Great idea to bake, I gotta try this! Thks for sharing, Lydia.

Alis said...

Very nice!! Will try making the pastry first. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Do visit my blog at http://www.missionpossible-sahm.blogspot.
Sheen Mars

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