Chive Pan-fried Buns [韭菜水煎包]

Pan-Fried Bun (水煎包)

Made some pan-fried buns that I longed for before my holiday. It is one of the popular buns in China and Taiwan but not so common in Malaysia. Cooking method for this bun is similar to Gyoza, steamed and pan-fried in a non-stick pan. Soft bun, crispy bottom and juicy filling, I gobbled up three buns soon after photo shooting.

Recipe taken from a Taiwanese cooking program posted on youtube, step-by-step shown in three clips (in Mandarin) appended below. The recipe makes buns with two different fillings but I made chive version only. When translating the recipe I realised ingredients listed are slightly different from ingredients used in method section. So, I add those missing ingredients in the list too.  

Pan-fried Bun (水煎包) 

600g minced pork
1 cup chopped cabbage
1 cup chopped green shallot/spring onion
2/3 cup chopped chive
1/3 tsp greated ginger
1/3 tsp salt
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp sesame oil
Ground pepper
Dark/Thick soy sauce
5 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp instant yeast
**1.5g yeast and 45g water for every 100g flour

  1. Add salt into chopped cabbage.
  2. In a large mixing bowl with minced pork, add in salt, ground pepper, ginger, sesame oil, rice wine, dark soy sauce, sugar and water. Mix well and divide into two portions. Transfer one portion into a separated bowl, add in chopped green shallot and chive. Mix well.
  3. Add in chopped green shallot and cabbage into another portion. Mix well.
  4. For dough, mix together flour with yeast and water then knead till dough is formed. Set aside for 10 minutes, then divide into small balls, flatten and wrap in prepared filling. Pinch edges to seal.
  5. To cook, add some oil into a non-stick pan then arrange buns as shown in the video clip. 
  6. Add in cold water (with 2-3 tsp flour and 1 tsp white vinegar in it) submerging bottom half of buns. Put the lid on and cook with low-medium heat till all water is eveporated and the bottom of buns turned golden brown.
  7. Then, drizzle some sesame oil over and sprinkle the top with black sesame seed. Transfer and invert onto serving plate, serve warm.

Comments :

13 comments to “Chive Pan-fried Buns [韭菜水煎包]”
Cooking Elena said...

Molto curiosi ed intriganti! Hanno un bellissimo aspetto!
Un bacio

Unknown said...

oh they look like potstickers but in a xlarge size lol. they look amazing! yummm

kirbie said...

I love chive buns! yours look gorgeous with the crispy bottoms.

Blueberry said...

Love them, I miss this kind of flavours...

**Maria ** said...

Would you mind clarifying the dough part of the recipe? For 5 cups of flour how much yeast and water do you need to add? Thank you for this recipe! I've been craving these during my pregnancy.

Lydia said...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for your comment. I have just updated my post according to the clip content, recipe they posted not that accurate. Okay, the amount of instant yeast should be 1-1.5% of the weight of flour. If using non-instant or fresh yeast, it should be 2% and 3% accordingly.
Hope this helps.

**Maria ** said...

Hi again - I'm making these today and wanted to comment about the flour, water, yeast measurements. If we follow the "**1.5g yeast and 45g water for every 100g flour" directions, then it would be 5 cups of flour, 2 tsp of yeast & 1 cup of water. Is this what you did?

Lydia said...

Hi Maria,
Sorry, I did not realise my last comment not posted.

In the clip, the instructor added slightly more than 2 tsp, water wise she advised not to put all at once but I threw everything in my bread maker and it turned out alright.

All the best with your bun making and hear from you soon.

wsamrazik said...

How many buns did you make from this recipe? Mine were HUGE,and I think I would prefer them a bit smaller... ;-)

Lydia said...

Hi wsamrazik ,
I made 12 buns with 1/2 recipe (250g flour), size was bigger than gyoza but smaller than char siew bao. May I ask how many buns did you make?

**Maria ** said...

Hmmm, I ended up with a huge amount of dough. I threw more than half of the dough away. Also, my dough was really stretchy so there was a lot of dough bunched up on the top in the middle (from pulling the sides to the center). Next time I will roll out the skins to be a little smaller. The other main thing is that the meat mixture needed more flavor...I think I will add garlic, more ginger, maybe some cilantro, and because the meat mixture was so dense I will probably add a little sesame oil. Not too bad for my first time but this recipe needs some work. Thank you!!!

wsamrazik said...

Lydia - I made 20 buns with the whole recipe (so that would be 10 with the half of it). It is possible that two would make some slight difference... I will try half portion next time, and will definitely follow the rolling edges technique of the chef on the video (mine, similar to Maria's were a bit thick on the top ;-))...I will also use more seasoning...
Thanks for this recipe - I WILL MAKE IT AGAIN!

Lydia said...

It does take time to get the wrapping technique right, sure you got better ones next time. Also, you can try to experience with your own filling.

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