Matcha Rolled Cake II [with butter cream]

Matcha Rolled Cake

I love soft, fluffy and thick rolled cake with sugar-minus butter cream. Well, the sweetness of butter cream in this cake was just nice to me but not sweet enough for T, who has really sweet, sweet tooth. He thought even the steamed sweet potato tasted sweeter than butter cream. How can?

For the sponge cake sheet, I used 250 grams of plain sponge cake mix and added two heap tablespoons of matcha. And, prepared according to the instruction on the packaging. I suppose you can use any of your favourite sponge cake recipe for this cake so I will include here only the butter cream recipe I tried.

Matcha Rolled Cake with Buttercream

Icing recipe is adapted from Yochana's butter cream. It was light, easy to work with and tasted good, but I think it could be better with a few drops of vanilla essence. Yochana's recipe called for half butter and half margarine but I used only butter since I was not plan to use the butter cream for covering a cake.

60 g granulated sugar
15 g water
35 g egg white (from one egg)
150 g butter, diced and chilled

  1. Bring together sugar and water in a saucepan, simmer till thick but pourable.
  2. Beat egg white till medium peaks then pour in hot syrup in a stream while beating.
  3. Continue beating the egg white till cooled.
  4. Slowly add in diced butter and margarine and whisk till light and fluffy.
  5. Store in airtight container or cover mixing bowl with cling wrap and keep in the refrigerator till needed.

Cook's notes:
  1. Butter cream made with the mixture of butter and margarine (block type) is stiffer compared to 100% butter. And, vegetable shortening produced even stiffer frosting and whiter colour.
  2. It can be kept in the freezer, thaw till the spreadable stage when needed.

Comments :

6 comments to “Matcha Rolled Cake II [with butter cream]”
**Maria ** said...

Can you tell us how thick the cake is and how you rolled it? Any particular size of cake pan that you used? Thank you!

Lydia said...

Hi Maria,

The cake was about 1 inch thick. Well, once baked I inverted the cake onto a clean damp kitchen towel (sprayed with water mist), peeled off baking paper. Then rolled it up (from the long side) together with the towel. Cooled on rack completely, unrolled, frosted, rolled again and kept in the fridge for at least 2 hours before slicing.

I used (22.5 x 33 cm) baking tray lined with baking paper. Each corner of baking paper was secured with staple. I find it easier using staple than toothpick.


**Maria ** said...

Perfect, thank you! I've never baked cake with baking paper so I'm not sure I understand what you mean by stapling each corner. I am assuming you mean that you FULLY line the baking tray (up the sides as well as the bottom of the tray) with the baking paper and you staple the corners to make them stay. Thanks again!

Lydia said...

You got me right, Maria.

Sharon said...

Hi,may I know what is your oven brand? :D

Lydia said...


The oven I had was Hesstar 42L, I was very happy with it.

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