Purple Bird-Eye Chili [For The Love Of Purple]

Purple Chili

Have anyone seen this before? I was so excited to see this at a fruit stall in local wet market this morning. Immediately I grabbed one packet to share with you guys here. Yes, it is PURPLE colour cili padi aka bird-eye chili!

It was sold in small packets of 25g each, at RM1. I thought it is quite expensive considering I can buy normal bird-eye chili at around RM1 for 100g. Taste wise, not very hot to me yet to test on my only guinea pig. I am wondering how they grown this, asked the lady boss she told me it was natural colour. Hmm... seen red okra and now purple chili. What next? Blue oranges?

Purple Chili
By the way, is chili a fruit or vegetable?

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10 comments to “Purple Bird-Eye Chili [For The Love Of Purple]”
K.Nor said...

cantik kaler purple cili tu lydia.. kurang pedas ya.. kalau la boleh tanam gak sepohon tu :)

Vernice Yeo said...

chilli is a fruit~ ^^
Wow! ! Purple! ! I have not seen it! !will u grow it??

Lydia said...

K. Nor & Vernice,
I love purple but think of growing only when you guys asked about it. Got some red chilies, I think I will keep some seeds for growing in the future. For now, whatever I grow my little boy will pull them all out.

Heidi @ Food Doodles said...

I've never seen chilies like that before. I just had to comment to say they're so pretty!

kankana said...

These are such cuties .. i never saw these anywhere!! I guess chili is a fruit because of the seeds u know.. isn't that the logic ?! I am not sure .. just guessing.

che'iza said...

My mom ada tanan dulu cili ni lydia... Dpt dari her friend pensyarah dari kolej pertanian.... but dead already... Always use it to make sambal belacan....

Lydia said...

They are, purple is my fav col. :)

I am not sure, but it is under "fruit" on farmville... lol.

Didn't know its existence till recently, what else in "new" colour?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,

Which market did you go? I have been looking for this purple chilli.


Lydia said...

Hi Nelson,

It was from Bayan Baru market (http://www.penang-traveltips.com/bayan-baru-market.htm), a fruit stall at the corner(own by old couple) and opposite a vegetarian ingredients stall. Near to the stall selling dried food, ikan bilis etc.

Happy hunting!!

Unknown said...

I grow these in my backyard in central indiana :)

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