Lychee [So Sweet, So Juicy]


Lychee is now one of my favourite fruits after tasted premium quality lychee from Taiwan. It was so sweet and juicy, unlike sourly lychee I bought before. I kept some in the freezer (with peel on), it turned into 100% natural sobe the next day.

Every time I had lychee, I needed a hand towel ready by my side. After 30s lychee eating years  I then learned how easy it is to peel a lychee without making a mess. Look for a line at the bottom of lychee fruit, place fingers (thumb and pointer) at both ends, squeeze gently and it will eventually crack open. Rule by the nature.


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2 comments to “Lychee [So Sweet, So Juicy]”
Janine said...

love the pictures of the lychees - they're one of my favorite fruits along with rambutans :D

and luckily i had my mom to teach me how to open them so i can finish them as fast as my dad :)

ardentgailla said...

I just recently started eating lychee! I've had the juice in cans with bits of fruit, but nothing like the real thing. It is very refreshing. I like to keep mine in the fridge, but I will try keeping them in the freezer.

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