Angel Hair Pasta with Fried Scallop and Sichimi [Prize Winning Recipe]


Last December, I participated in the Jusco Selection Pasta Masta Contest organised by Jusco (AEON Malaysia). It was my first time taking part in food/recipe related contest, result was finally out two weeks ago. I was surprised to find my name among the winners!

All started on one fine day in December 2011, we went to Jusco supermarket for grocery shopping and found the contest announcement at the service counter. The moment I saw the announcement little evil in me whispered "why not? just try with one of the recipe on my blog" then I went straight back to the store and grabbed two packets of our favourite pasta. Lunch the next day was this easy pasta prepared with Fried Scallop I made earlier.

Fried scallop with sichimi

Photo above was the Fried Scallop, very yummy with pasta and another important ingredrient was the nori strips. I simply adore fusion pasta dishes like this one.

Ingredients (4 servings):
200 g Jusco Angel Hair Pasta
2 sheet nori (seaweed), cut into 1-inch strips
Few slices lemon
Salt to taste
Black pepper to taste
Lettuce for garnish

Fried Scallop with Sichimi:
30 g dried scallops
¼ tsp salt
2 tbsp cooking oil
1 tsp sesame oil
1 heap tsp sichimi (Japanese spice mixture)

  1. Soak dried scallops until softened, drain and break them into strands with fingertips. Reserve water from soaking scallop for soup or other dishes.
  2. Heat oils in wok, rub scallop strands with salt then add into wok. Fry with low heat till browned lightly. Add in sichimi and continue to fry till golden brown. Transfer to a bowl and allow cooling down.
  3. Cook pasta according to the instruction on packaging, to the desired softness. Drain.
  4. While pasta is still hot, toss with fried scallop and chili oil. Add salt and pepper to taste, mix well.
  5. Transfer pasta into serving plates, garnish with lettuce and lemon slices. Put nori strips on the top and serve immediately.

Yes, I got 3rd prize!
Now you know my real name, age and birthday.
*wondering if I would get a birthday surprise*

Comments :

7 comments to “Angel Hair Pasta with Fried Scallop and Sichimi [Prize Winning Recipe]”
Nadiah Loi said...

Congrats!! Wl give your recipe a try soon. Love going through your blog n drooling over those delicious photos of yours. Keep up the good job n happy cooking! I love to bake n cook too but not up to your standard yet.

Avis Stein said...

I will try the recipe since I have all the ingredients including sichimi.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

I am very to your blog, anyway, Happy cooking.

Jeannie said...

Congratulations! I visited Jusco so much but never heard of this contest lol! The pasta dish looks really delicious!

Shirataki Noodles said...

Congratulations !! Your recipe is looking very delicious. i'll make this dish in a couple of days. Thanks for share !!

Eager learner said...

Congrats! You definitely deserve to be one of the winners of the contest. Have tried some of your recipes - extremely successful !Really enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work of sharing your yummy dishes with us.

Lydia said...

Dear friends,
Thank you very much for lovely comment.

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