Japanese Home Cooks [和食每一日] Is Here!


I have been away from MK for sometimes, was busy with relocating and settling down in new place. Now, our new home is in 90% live in condition going to start cooking in my new kitchen soon. I am so excited with new kitchen appliances that I always wanted to have.

Another big thing in my life is the arrival of my 3rd baby! Eeh em, I am thrilled to announce the arrival of my 3rd baby - first cookbook: Japanese Home Cooks, will hit the bookstores in April 2012. It is a bilingual (Chinese and English) cookbook with 65 healthy and easy Japanese home-cook recipes, worth to mention is that all ingredients called for are available outside Japan.

It took me over two years from the conceived of idea to finalising the proof for printing. I must say it was not easy for me having had to juggle cookbook (cooking, photo shooting and writing up recipes), house chores and looking after two demanding children - an infant (he is now 2y5m) and a toddler (he is now 4y1m). Many times, my model or prop went missing in the middle of shooting or extra hands appeared in the frame. No matter how, I thank my family members for being supportive in their own and unique way.

Japanese Home Cooks
Here are photo of some recipes included in the book. For more details about the content, please check out Y3K Publisher's blog or email to y3krecipes@gmail.com should you have any enquiries.

Y3K Cookbook Volume No.33
Title: Japanese Home Cooks (65 recipes, 138 pages)
Author: Lydia Fujikawa
ISBN 978-967-0328-02-7
First published in April, 2012

Retail price:
RM22 (West Malaysia)
RM25 (Sabah/ Sarawak)
$15 (S'pore/ Brunei)

Mail order:
RM26 (Malaysia)
$21 (Singapore/ Brunei)

Comments :

11 comments to “Japanese Home Cooks [和食每一日] Is Here!”
Rita said...

Congrats! Congrats!
You are a very talented cook...wishing all the BEST!

MeRy said...

A good cook book...congrats..:)

KatK said...

Hi Lydia, congrats on your new book! I wonder which bookstore will be selling ur cookbook.. I'm already very looking forward to it! Lol... Well done.

Mat Gebu said...

Tahniah Lydia....nanti i beli ok.. ^__*

ness220357rin said...

Hi Lydia

Congratulations on the launch of your cookbook and also your 3rd Pregnancy.


Babe_KL said...

Congrats! I cant wait to get a copy ;-)

Lydia said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your greeting and comment.
Have a great weekend ahead.

Nasifriet said...

Congratulations, Lydia on the launching of your first cookbook! You're an amazing person, having to juggle amongst the household chores, toddlers, an infant and a cookbook! A Malaysian cooking Japanese dishes. Awesome!

Hody Loh said...

Congratulations....we already bought the book...we love it very much...

Lydia said...

Hi Hody Loh,

Thank you very much, glad that you guys love it. Hope to see your cooking soon (on your blog). Btw, you can share your dish photo(s) on My Kitchen's FB page too.

Samantha S. said...

I've just bought your book from the bookstore. I like Japanese food and your book is fabulous. Good job!

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