Steamed Egg With Crab [Easy Steam-Oven Recipe]

Oven Steamed Egg with Crab 

This was one of the dishes I cooked for mother in-law's birthday family dinner. My boys loved it so much they waited at the table when I was cutting it. I had to watch their hands and put this plate in a "safe place" after they finished all odd cuts. It is a dish that can be served at room temperature or chilled. Thus, can be prepared in advance to make cooking easy when cooking for entertaining guests at home. 

I used steam-oven to steam but it can be steamed in any steamer, important point is to make sure the temperature should not be too high.
6 no. large eggs
50 g crab meat
50 g crab sticks, break into strips

4 tbsp dashi stock
1/2 tbsp mirin
1 tsp light soy sauce
A pinch of salt

  1. In a microwavable bowl, combine eggs and ingredients A and mix briefly.
  2. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, cook in micro at 600w for 1 min and 30 seconds. Take out, mix with a whisk.
  3. Return to micro, cook for 1 mins. Take out, mix with a whisk.
  4. Return to micro, cook for 30 seconds. Take out, mix with a whisk. Repeat this step one more time.
  5. Then, add in crab meat and stick. Stir to mix.
  6. Grease pan with cooking oil, transfer egg mixture into pan.
  7. Steam at 90C for 20-25 minutes,cool completely.
  8. Invert steamed egg onto a chopping board, cut into desired shape and size.

These were what we had for dinner - clockwise: boiled prawn with miso based sauce, simmered shiitake mushroom (recipe in my book), spinach with cheese dressing and sakura ebi (micro dish), "fried" chicken (steam-oven dish), steamed eggs with crab (steam-oven), Chiniese style stuffed tofu and pumpkin balls (steam-oven dish) in the middle.

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13 comments to “Steamed Egg With Crab [Easy Steam-Oven Recipe]”
Anonymous said...

The dish look so delicious!! What can I do if I do not have microwave? Thank you! (:


Little blue said...

Yummy yummy!

MeRy said...

looks yummy...

wat is mirin? and I don't have microwave at home? any other way to cook this dish?

Anonymous said...

Why do we need to microwve it and whisk 3 times?
And how do I know the final step of the temp at 90 degrees? Must it Also be at 90 degree s?


D said...

What is a steam-oven?

Lydia said...

Hi Claire, Mery & Z,
You can heat and whisk the egg mixture over a pot of hot water (double boiler) until the it is thickened. Then you add in crab meat/stick, and steam on low heat in a steamer.

- Reason for heating the egg mixture before steaming is to prevent crab meat/crab stick from sitting in the bottom of the pan.

Mirin is sweetened rice wine used in Japanese cooking. If you dont have you can add a small amount of sugar.

It does not need to be at 90deg but not more than 90deg. If the temperature is too high the steamed egg will have rough texture and full of little holes.

Steam oven is an oven combined with steamer. Mine is Micro+Oven+steamer. The oven and steamer can also be operated together for healty cooking and bread making. It is still new in the market I think.

julien said...

looks so good! i wish i could make this! sounds simple too, just need to buy the ingredients! what about the other dishes?? they also look so good, makes me want to make everything in the picture and serve on that fancy plate. Will have to look for a fancy plate like that though D:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reply. One more question - when you invert to remove the egg, how to remove it since the egg would stick to the pan/ bowl after steaming?


Lydia said...

Perhaps you missed out step 6 in the method. :D Happy cooking and hope to see your steamed egg soon.

Anonymous said...

Apart from preventing the crab meat from sitting onto bottom of the pan, what is the difference to the egg mixture if I whisk it and heating at the same time versus whisking at room temperature?


Lydia said...


Heating and whisk (briefly) is to cook the egg mixture evenly, if heating without wisking it will be well done at bottom and surface.

Once it is thicken (not well done) crab meat will be distributed evenly when added.

As wisking without heating, eggs mixture will contains too much air bubble inside and expand rapidly when steaming. Also, crab meat will be at the bottom of the pan.

Hope I've answered your question.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. That's a great insight! I never would be able to figure that without your explanation!
Yes, understand now thanks!


Joan said...

creative and looks delicious! Yumyum!

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