Milk Jelly [Mama, any dessert tonight?]


One fine day when I was in mood of making dessert, I made some really simple jellies for boys. They were surprised to see their favourite dessert after dinner. The next day after dinner, elder son waited at table for awhile, then "Mama, any dessert tonight?" he asked. And, he got the same dessert again.

This is something really easy to make, good for children (as long as not too much sugar), and they love it. Added strawberry to make it more attractive, and to pump in some vitamins. It is still winter in Japan but I can see lots of strawberries in supermarkets already. At the nearest supermarket, once stepped in (fruit section at the entrance) the seductive fruity aroma just everywhere it is a temptation to us, both my boys love strawberry very much. The ones in the picture was "sakura ruby" as labelled, little strawberries but they were sweet and juicy. Strawberry season again, it means I have been here for a year now.


  • 10 g gelatin
  • 400 ml fresh milk (room temperature)
  • 50 g sugar
  • Few drops vanilla extract (optional)

  1. In a bowl, combine 60 ml milk and gelatin. Stir well and set aside for about 10 minutes.
  2. Heat up milk in a  small pot on low heat, when the milk starts to bubbling at the side of pot, add in (1) and mix well. The best temperature for dissolving the gelatin is between 50C to 60C.  (For microwave version, please refer to coffee jelly recipe.)
  3. Add in vanilla extra, is using, mix well.
  4. Transfer mixture into mold or ramekins, cool completely then chill in the refrigerator for about an hour before serving.

For adults, I made it double - milk and coffee jelly in a cup. Coffee jelly usually served with syrup but this one was just nice with sweet-milk jelly both mil and I liked it a lot. Hb? He is not a jelly guy. 


Comments :

3 comments to “Milk Jelly [Mama, any dessert tonight?]”
faa.rosli said...

it looks extremely delicious and suprisingly used easy ingredients!

Alice said...

looks so yummy and its so easy to make! :)
Happy CNY to u and family :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would really like to try this recipe, but I was just did you get the jelly to be like half milk and half coffee?

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