Uramaki-zushi [Inside Out Rolled Sushi]


This is another type of rolled sushi, method of making this sushi is similar to my previous post - hosomaki-zushi except it is inside out. Uramaki (裏巻き) is usually coated with either tobiko (flying fish roe) or black sesame seeds, my home-made version made with stuff available in the pantry as well as stuff I want to introduce to my boys. 

Again, this is simple homemade version of uramaki with tamago yaki filling, and mixed some dried vegetables in sushi rice. If you wish, you can also make it with filling like sashimi, tempura, avocado, and assorted pickled vegetables. I just want to share how this inside out sushi is made as I posted this long time ago, uramaki with grilled eel (unagi) and black sesame seeds coating, without a recipe.

Ingredients (makes 4 rolls):
  • Sushi rice (cooked from 1 cup of raw rice)
  • 2 sheets nori, divide into halves

Tamago Yaki (Please refer to Japanese Home Cooks p.51 for pictorial guide)
  • 2 nos. large egg
  • 1/2 tsp hon-dashi
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp water
  • Oil for greasing the pan

*Hand vinegar

Tamago Yaki
  1. Combine water, sugar and hon-dashi in a bowl. Mix until sugar is dissolved then add in eggs and beat lightly with chopsticks or a fork.
  2. Heat a rectangle tamago yaki pan, grease with a paper towel dipped with cooking oil.
  3. Pour in one-third of the egg mixture, cook till the mixture is almost set. Use a spatula or chopsticks, roll the omelet then push it to one end of the pan.
  4. Pour in another one-third of the egg mixture, lift up the rolled omelet so the egg mixture cover whole surface of the pan.
  5. Cook till the mixture is almost set, roll up the omelet together with the rolled omelet (3).
  6. Repeat step (4) and (5) again.
  7. Transfer omelet onto a sushi mat, roll it up tightly and set aside until it is cooled completely.
  8. Cut into thick strips.
  1. While the sushi rice still hot, mix in vegetables mix then cover with a damp cloth. Ready to use.
  2. Place one sheet of nori (half size) on a sushi mat, rough side up.Wet hand with hand vinegar, arrange one-fourth of (1), in a row, on the nori as shown.
  3. Spread sushi rice evenly onto nori leaving about 5 cm of nori at one end as shown in the photo. Dip your fingers with hand vinegar again if necessary.
  4. Cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap, turn it over together with the plastic wrap. The 5 cm nori without rice side should be close to you.
  5.  Arrange tamago yaki strips in the center, roll it up with the plastic wrap and sushi mat. Set aside for few minutes before cutting.
  6. Cut into 6 to 8 pieces, serve with shoyu, wasabi and pickled ginger if desired.


This is the dried mixed vegetables rice seasoning I used, attracted by the colours and bought a pack for obento actually.

Rice Seasoning

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