Rendang Chicken [First Rendang In Japan]

Rendang Chicken

Late spring this year, I planted turmeric, ginger and lemongrass in my little veggie patch. All of them growing pretty well and surviving till today, late Autumn. Weather is getting so much colder this week and onwards, big different between day and night temperature, I wonder if they will survive the winter. Ginger roots are still pretty small, but sufficient for my cooking.

As the turmeric is growing very well with healthy looking young leaves, I should put them in good use - Rendang. After a long time, this is first Rendang Chicken in Japan. Due to shortage of fresh ingredients, I cooked it with a pack of instant rendang paste brought in from Malaysia but added "kerisik" and some shredded turmeric leaves. It was not the best rendang I tasted but good enough for satisfying my craving for this oily dish. I am glad that John liked it too although he kept complaining spicy and drinking lots of water.

Sorry, cooked with instant paste so no recipe for this one.

Rendang Chicken

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7 comments to “Rendang Chicken [First Rendang In Japan]”
Anonymous said...

I also live in Japan. I cooked rendang using the ready-packed pasted from Malaysia. I usually add in dried kaffir lime leaves and fresh lemon grass leaves (the roots are too precious to be used!). However, I cannot find kerisik. May I know where you got it?

Was your turmeric grown from the roots sold in Japan? I am interested to know because I wish to cook bubur lambuk with tumeric leaves. Thank you.

Lydia said...

Hi AW,

The kerisik was from Malaysia too.
Turmeric grown from turmeric from Malaysia, Japan's type is different right? Weather getting colder and turmeric leaves turned brownish now else I can ask the black-cat to send you some.
Btw, I am also growing Bentong ginger, still doing well at this time.

naleśniki said...

Absolutely gorgeous and recipe looks delish!

Therina Jopri said...

nice warm comfort food while far away from home.

do they have grated coconut over there to make kerisik? just in case

Lydia said...

Fresh coconut is available online, very expensive.
And, need to grate it at home is another big problem.

Iza said...

nice one..:)

Mama Arif said...

wooww very nice :)

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